Sunday, August 13, 2017

New Home: Our Goals, Wants and Desires

As a family we decided to personalize our home by writing our goals, wants and desires for our lives while living in Eagle Mountain on the inside frame of our house. We started out with writing our family motto, "Fighting 4 Us" over the front door. Perfect placement for our motto because we know that once we walk out the front door into the world we will have to continue to fight for our family to be strong against the world that oftentimes devalues families. After writing our motto, each of us went into our rooms and wrote our individual goals, wants and desires.  Adilynn was fun to watch her draw her dreams on the walls instead of actually writing them out. I think Spencer had the most fun because he was writing titles of the rooms in each area, some were funny, others.. well let's just say Spencer has a special place in our family. Everyone needs someone like him in their family. 

(The kids are in their swimsuits because we had just gotten back from swimming for a karate swim day and they were going to a slide day in Eagle Mountain.)
Our family motto, "Fighting 4 Us."

Her goal says, "Be a good friend."

Spencer and my goals

Colton's Goals:
Do a back flip. 

Get a best friend. 
Not pictured: 
  • Become a black belt.
  • Be a good friend and brother. 

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Photo Dump: April - July 2017

"We didn't realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun." 



Mom/Grandma's Day at Karate


Playing dress up at the dentist office.


Adilynn got to participate in Colton's class for a day.

Cut 3 inches off

Will do anything to make the kids smile. 

Pioneer Day Fireworks

Adilynn had to get a matching shirt with her favorite cousin
Rylee. The shirts say dream big, shine bright.

At the Hale Center Theater after watching "Tarzan" with Grandma Pitcher.

Getting his extra tooth pulled in preparation for braces.

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