Monday, February 19, 2018

Texas Trip 2018: Colton's Research Report

Colton decided on his own to conduct research while on our trip. He came up with a research question and interviewed pilots, two of our pilots and one that he saw in the airport. His research paper is below.

Do you ever wonder how pilots feel when they fly? Do they feel scared, happy, good or worried? Well you will know today. I asked three pilots this question, “How do you feel when you are flying?” They all have done it between twenty and thirty years. Well let’s get started, shall we.

The first pilot I interviewed was Captain Smither. He said he has a lot of confidence because he has done it for a long time. He also said it is fun to fly planes. I asked him when we were getting on our plane if he was our pilot to Dallas. It was one of the new planes. He told me to look at the wings and watch them it was so cool. The engine was so quiet. He let me tour the cockpit.

Captain Hanna was the next pilot I interviewed. He thinks if he does it right no one will get
hurt. He also said he needed to fly about 5,000 – 10,000 miles before he could fly big planes.
That was the best answer yet. He also let me wear his pilot jacket. He was cool.

Last I interviewed Captain Robinson when I asked him my research questions he said he focuses on himself and making it back to his family. And if he gets home safe his passengers will get home safe too. He was not my pilot I saw him on are way to are flight back home. He was with a lady who was beginning flight school the next day.

My results are that it is not scary, because they are well trained. I think it would be fun to fly a plane. I hope you learned that it is not scary at all to fly a plane because pilots are trained.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Texas Trip 2018: The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, The Sixth Floor Museum and Reunion Tower

Day 5 we decided to take Rylee in Adilynn's place because we knew the events planned for the day would be harder on a younger child. We started off the morning by visiting Autumn at work, where we got some amazing service and food. We then made the drive down to the George W. Bush Presidential Museum.

Of all the things we had done on this trip this would be a close second to the NASA Space Center for Spencer and me. President Bush was the president for us during our formative late teenage and adult years and left a large impression on our lives. One of the things our whole group enjoyed seeing was the pieces of steel from the Twin Towers attack on 9/11. It was impactful to see how mangled and bent it was, we even got to touch it. Inside the museum they have a full scale replica of the oval office and how it was during President Bush's tenure as president. The kids loved seating in the President's chair and pretended to be president. There is an interactive part of the museum called decision points that guided you through making a decision for an event during Bush's tenure. We were given the event Hurricane Katrina  and the same facts as he was and had 5 minutes to get the details and make a decision as to what we would do. It was incredible to see what he had to do in such a short time period. It gave us a new respect for the job of the President of the United States.

Next, we headed to the Sixth Floor Museum and Dealey Plaza. For being such an important piece of American history we were surprised with how boring it was and not interactive. Don't get me wrong, it was informative but just didn't leave the same impression as other locations left on us. The kids had more fun riding rental bikes from the museum to the parking lot.

The last stop for the day was Dallas Reunion Tower, or the GeoDome. It is a giant glass and metal dome where you can see most of Dallas from a tall vantage point. It was super windy and cold up there and very crowded. We watched the sunset while up there which was incredible!

Later that evening we told the Huffaker kids goodbye since they wouldn't be home from school before we left the next day. Adilynn struggled to say good bye. She has always been closest to her Huffaker girl cousins and misses having them live in Utah.

Sixth Floor Museum

Reunion Tower

Saying Goodbye to The Huffakers

Texas Trip 2018: Perot Museum of Nature and Science and Movie Date

Day 4 of our trip was spent in Dallas with the Huffaker clan. After a slow morning we headed to Waffle House for brunch. Spencer thought it would be funny to tease Melaya by pretending he got the phone number for our waiter for her. She was embarrassed until she realized he was teasing her. Following brunch we decided to go the the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.

The kids enjoyed making fidget spinners out of hot glue at the museum as part of their S.T.E.M event. The highlights of the museum were: the earthquake simulator, bird flying game, design a fighting dinosaur and battle each other and the weather exhibits. We wished we had more time to explore the museum more because we didn't give ourselves enough time before they closed. Oh well there is always next trip.

We convinced Melaya and KayLee to babysit our kids so we could go on a date with Autumn and Nathan. We saw the movie, "1517 to Paris" at a movie theater that served full service meals to you while in the theater. The food was excellent, the movie was okay. It was fun doubling with them.   


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